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• “Needle in the haystack” effect. Too many opportunities to sort out and too little time to “nurture” the ones with “potential”
• Varied IP policies in Canada and a vast geographic spread make it difficult for a company employee to really travel to all of the universities and research institutions regularly and extract the best opportunities
• Time/manpower sinkhole to keep abreast of the latest research. Most web based opportunity lists are not entirely up to date. Best opportunities are the latest ones.
• Unrealistic expectations by inventors
• Deal closing may not be a university priority
• Experience level of Technology Transfer staff could be a problem


• Trusted outsourcing capability to RELIABLY pre-filter opportunities
• Cost-effective scouting as an extension of current in-house Business Development
Anonymity when searching for sensitive technologies, confidentiality about the activities inside the company and exclusivity in the area of choice
• Shorter times to deal closings
• Realistic expectations from academics


• Outsource to one reliable service whose very business model relies on excellent relationships with universities
• Use economies of scale to contain costs
• Bound by confidentiality
• Exclusivity in given area
• Regularly reports to the company
• The unique ArrowCan S.O.T. advantage!


• Retained service mode. No cost to universities
• No financial overhang from closed deals
• Easy to budget
• Low, manageable cost
• WELL below in-house costs to do similar scouting