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Research Partners


• Industry contacts are difficult to maintain because there is such a great variety of inventions on campus that one cannot make enough contacts to be truly useful
• REAL market value of an invention is difficult to assess. Again a connection with trusted members of the appropriate industry would be best but they are difficult to find and maintain
• Too little funding for commercialization infrastructure
•Too many other demands on the time of the Technology Transfer staff members such as educating the researchers about their rights and responsibilities, explaining policies to them, rectifying errors that may be made by researchers in the pursuit of their research etc.
• Staff turnover compromises continuity. Average retention times of the best staff is usually shorter than the maturation time of a deal


• Trusted credible source to advise on reasonable terms and valuations
• Opportunities in the hands of the right industry partners
• Ability to share best practices across universities
• Ability to coalesce opportunities across institutions


• Experienced outside service with knowledge in BOTH industry and university settings
• Trusted source which will visit regularly and become familiar with the workings of the office
• Assistance in the entire spectrum of activities undertaken by the Tech Transfer office
• Low to no cost. Budgets are very tight in this area and there is a perception that the staff ought to be able to cover these services themselves


• No cost