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This area is dedicated to other independent consultants who have been invited by ArrowCan Partners to place a short description of their expertise here along with some contact information. The intent is to provide you with a resource where you may find the experts you are looking for. The individuals on this page are not connected with ArrowCan in any way. If you are a consultant who would like to place a description of your own particular expertise (or if you happen to know one whom you can recommend) please drop us a line at

Barbara Lavers

Realized the commercial value of biomedical discoveries through identification, evaluation, marketing, and licensing or sale of genes, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, research tools, cell lines, and medical devices to established and start-up companies. Utilized intellectual property rights as the proprietary marketing platform.

Barbara Lavers:              Ph: 416.925 6105    

Rizwan Afzal

ONR solutions helps small businesses to set up computerized accounting and bookkeeping systems and assists them in registration of taxes and government reporting. We’re in the business of helping to solve the many accounting problems confronting small business owners… so that they can better manage their own operations.

Rizwan (Riz) Afzal:       Ph: 416.471 1608  

Z.Sam Ruttonsha

Hanbury Management Ltd and Z. Sam Ruttonsha provide services related to (i) mergers & acquisitions, licensing technology and raising of capital (ii) acting on boards of directors (iii) taking a senior leadership role in companies in a restructuring/sale or growth mode.

Capital markets and transaction experience has been garnered during stints as a Vice President in Royal Bank’s private equity group, as a corporate development practitioner at Domtar Chemicals Group and GE Canada, and through his own management company. Completed 30+ transactions, was involved in a host of others and has participated on 15+ Boards of public and private companies.

Some recent projects were : (i) CEO/turnaround/sale of a Vancouver- based biotech company at a price that was several orders of magnitude higher than the unofficial fairness opinion (ii) CFO/sale of another biotech company to its previous parent, where shareholders received double what had previously been discussed (iii) Advisor/sale of a software company at a premium to the sellers’ expectations (iv) Raising of mezzanine financing for the qualifying transaction of a capital pool company; then sale of that position for the investor at a healthy profit (v) Recovery of a significant investment in a plastics producer.

Prior experience has included creating and managing a start-up business, and leadership roles in marketing, manufacturing, and product development.

Z. Sam Ruttonsha           Ph: 416.489 6540     


Lucy Su (Global Innovations Consulting)

Global Innovations Consulting (GISC) is an Ontario company who provides one-stop services to help innovation-driven and technology-based companies to do business between Canada and China.  Our services include from technology scouting, business partner matchmaking, IP licensing to seeking funding resources.  For more information, please visit our website at Please contact Lucy Su at to discuss your interest.

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