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– In 2010 ArrowCan is working with more than forty-four Partner Institutions across Canada and in 2009 we arranged an estimated 180+ mutually beneficial connections between researchers, Partner institutions, industry contacts, AND Clients.

– ArrowCan has helped three groups of researchers successfully apply for grants that helped them come closer to commercialization than they would have otherwise been. We serve on several granting committees across the country as well which provide grants for similar activities.

– Direct interactions with researchers across Canada now number in the hundreds and the number of such connections now continues to expand at an increasing pace.

– At the invitation of the TTO, ArrowCan has been able to advise and strategically guide the administrators of at least three Partner institutions in developing meaningful metrics for success of their particular commercialization efforts.

– A Canadian university had a patent portfolio returned by its licensee. The portfolio cost too much to maintain in its entirety. ArrowCan was able to identify the application most likely to yield another licensee. Then, working with the patent agent, ArrowCan was able to suggest which patents were worth maintaining and which could be abandoned while preserving the chance for another licensee in the chosen area. The entire patent portfolio of another TT office was examined at their request by ArrowCan and opinions were provided as to the “commercializability” of the individual patents.

– Negotiations with a German company appeared to be going slow because no one in the TT office of a Canadian University spoke German. ArrowCan was able to offer negotiating services in German to help the TT office.

– An office was in need of a plan to retain staff for longer than they currently were able to do. A “Career Ladder” type approach was proposed and free consultations were provided to help work out a suitable plan.

– ArrowCan has been able to offer its expertise in the implementation of a “matrix” system to cover joint use of managers with special disciplines by several collaborating universities.

– A startup company (spun out from a Canadian university) was having difficulty expanding its reach into another area where its technology could be applicable. Contacts were provided by ArrowCan to help them assess the feasibility of the anticipated expansion.

– A small US company was interested in relocating to an incubator run by one of the TT offices. At the request of the Ontario Government (MEDT) ArrowCan provided information and consulting without charge to help the decision process move rapidly and favorably.

– ArrowCan has been a supporter of the MBiotech program at the University of Toronto at Mississauga providing time and advice to the students to help them make appropriate career decisions.

– ArrowCan has helped promote the existence of a GMP animal testing facility at one of the universities to other TT offices and companies which were spun out from them.

– ArrowCan has found numerous opportunities to connect researchers in one university with researchers in other universities in “orthogonal” disciplines so that they may work together to produce technologies that would be very attractive to industry.