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The S.O.T. Advantage

” I can look up what I need in terms of new technologies through a web search. Why would I pay ArrowCan Partners to get me this information?”
Those who value the ArrowCan Model see three advantages beyond the initial identification of the appropriate technologies. We have come to refer to these as the S.O.T. advantage.

Soft Parameters: Once the technology has been identified, the client REALLY wants to know about the PEOPLE behind the technology. Early technologies will take many months of working with the inventor to bring the technology to the right point to be useful to the industry partner. The “people chemistry” will play a VITAL role in either facilitating this or dashing it on the rocks. The inventor, the Institution, the Department, even the collaborating graduate students will ALL have a very important role to play. A web search does not address these issues. ArrowCan does as an INTEGRAL part of its model.

Orthogonal Technologies: Often the most interesting OUTSIDE early technologies are those that are borne out of someone’s vision to make connections between apparently orthogonal areas. This is the area that is most exciting for new “disruptive” ideas. Commonalities between variability in the data in SNP databases and radar software, for example, can and have sparked some exciting developments in Signal to Noise improvements. A search of EITHER area would not have revealed the connection. These connections are made BECAUSE of the intensity of the travel and the “trust and understanding” that are established by ArrowCan through regular helpful visits. It is unlikely that a routine database or web search would turn up such a connection. Only a HUMAN mind, dedicated to MAKING such connections is useful here. ArrowCan Partners has such minds.

Top of Mind: The connection between a new technology and a company is in most cases NOT a systematic, algorithmic one in technology transfer offices. Often it depends on which company last visited the office and on how well the company individual explained their needs. Unless medium sized companies are prepared to spend the time (and money) to dedicate someone within the company to do what ArrowCan offers at a very competitive price, they will always run the risk of losing the best opportunities to the larger companies.  ArrowCan offers its clients the ability to profit from the intensity of its visits to research institutions across Canada while simultaneously profiting from anonymity and confidentiality. When a web search turns up an interesting technology at a particular institution, the relations are already made and well cultivated through ArrowCan’s constant efforts. Through the advantages of “economies of scale” ArrowCan Partners IS able to dedicate the time needed because it is done on behalf of ALL of its clients.

The S.O.T. advantage makes ArrowCan Partners an ideal and reasonable adjunct to database searching and web browsing of technologies for client companies.