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Industry Examples

Hypothetical Examples of How ArrowCan Partners Can Help its Industry Clients

The examples selected here are a sample of what ArrowCan Partners can do for its Industry Clients. The contractual requirements of anonymity and total confidentiality REQUIRE that we cannot give you real-life examples. Any correspondence between real-life situations and these examples is purely coincidental.

  • SME Example: The visionary leader of a Small Business in the medical device business in Canada realizes that the growth and eventual long term success of her business depends not only on making their current only product pass all of its regulatory hurdles in the US and Canada but also on creating a pipeline of new products to follow that successful launch. She has neither the Board appetite nor the funds to do research in-house into new products. Nor does she have the capital to engage a SEPARATE business development person to find those next nascent products. The current Business Development person is FULLY engrossed in getting investors interested in the company and in “selling” THEIR product to potential partners. A small contractual engagement with ArrowCan to find ONE new product and make a few introductions to the best inventors in her space in Canada over the next year is the solution that she has been looking for. The flexibility and sensitivity that ArrowCan shows to the situation that many SMEs find themselves in is remarkable. In a year when the original product is set to go to market with a partner, and the company is ready to raise new funds she has a story to tell about the new product and the strategy of enhancing the company’s pipeline into the future.
  • Startup Example: A group of very small startups involved in various aspects of the Gaming Software space is co-located in one small town in Central Canada. It is relatively remote but the local Office of Economic Development is very proud of having started this “ecosystem” and hopeful that its growth will attract others to join in this community’s efforts. It is ready to put an effort into making this vision a reality. Even the small fees needed by ArrowCan to consider the small companies as a “client” are insufficient to help individual members of this community find the talent, the inventions, and the entrepreneurs to make this a thriving center. The Office of Economic Development becomes a “pseudo-client” of ArrowCan paying full fare and thus obtaining exclusivity in this space. They then distribute the results of all intelligence that ArrowCan gathers on their behalf to all of their community subscribers who EACH pays only a small FRACTION of the total bill back to the Office as a subscription fee but benefits in their own space as if they were a full client. The community grows exponentially and becomes a hub in this area of software with spill-over benefits in the attraction of others (some even from the US) in the general software business who can use advances in the gaming software industry in their own space. The vision of the Office of Economic Development is realized.
  • Top of mind Example: A large global foreign company in the general area of novel materials for construction realizes that it has neglected the talent that it could tap into in Canada. Most of the reason for this choice is that they have felt that their man in the US can and does adequately cover Canada. It is recognized that the fully loaded cost of having a dedicated individual to cover Canada is probably not justifiable because of the anticipated volume of technology that will be forthcoming (estimated as 1/10of their current volume from the US). Faced with the knowledge that Canada represents a powerhouse of talent in this area and with the cost/benefit dilemma described above they turn to ArrowCan Partners for help in identifying the best inventors in their space in Canada and in helping them close deals that will close measurably faster and last measurably longer than ones they can close themselves. The cost is found to be “nominal” compared to their own estimates of doing it in-house and the service is exceptional. It is exclusive to them in their space, totally confidentially just as they would have had with their own in-house employee AND they are able to stay anonymous during the search which is something they would not have been able to do had they gone the in-house route. After a one-year trial period they are committed to continuing their association with ArrowCan for the foreseeable future.
  • More in-depth coverage Example: “We’ve got it covered.” says the VP of Business Development for early in-licensing for a large multinational company in the human health area. She’s got a person who covers all of the US Eastern Seaboard and Canada. When asked about deal flow she frankly concedes that this has been quite minimal from Canada despite what she’s heard about the quality of research there. This is almost a reason for not spending any more of her scarce budget on dedicated efforts to find appropriate technologies in Canada. When asked the names of FOUR leaders of technology transfer offices across the country (minus the ones at the University of Toronto, McGill, UBC, and U of A) the person covering the territory is unable to provide a single other name. There are altogether 96 universities on the list of members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. The funding policy of the Federal Government make it quite possible that there are other places where talented people in their field work who might have technologies that are suitable for the company. Furthermore, when all of the offices (including the small startup companies in the area) are asked by ArrowCan who the person in charge of in-licensing at this company is, NOT A SINGLE person identifies the company’s top needs and the person correctly. Convinced by this demonstration the VP is keen to know more about the ArrowCan model. When she finds out that it can be even cheaper that the travel expenses of her designate this becomes a clear choice.
  • Unusual Sources of Technology Example: A global multinational company headquartered in Asia has been checking the databases that it subscribes to for technologies that it could use from Canada. It finds that other companies repeatedly seem to beat them to the punch in acquiring small companies whose technologies do not seem to appear on the databases that they subscribe to. Furthermore, they are aware that the Government has several programs that may multiply their own investment into the development of early technologies in Canada but they sense a complex set of rules and incentives that are constantly changing and that they are unfamiliar with. Besides this the best advantages for them seem to arise out of Quebec which has Napoleonic Law and which speaks a language that they are unfamiliar with (French). They engage ArrowCan to help as a “guide” and to make suitable introductions to the people they are interested in working with. They soon find that the apparently complex scene is actually quite easy to understand and they become ardent fans of working in Canada. When their contract comes up for renewal, in recognition of the fact that only the best make the difficult look easy they replace their annual contract with ArrowCan with a five year contract to do substantially the same work in other provinces. ArrowCan has been sought out and has helped at least two foreign governments to date to understand the seemingly complex structure of how research is funded and performed in Canada.
  • Orthogonal Technologies” Example: A medium-sized US company with a very focused interest – disposable diagnostics – has a very good idea about the technologies being developed in their critical area of interest – biological markers, new assays for various pathogens and medical states etc. They suddenly become aware that their front-running product will encounter a problem in its approval because of the adhesive used in one of the steps in the assay for blood sugars. They have an urgent need for a specialist in the area of adhesives. Because they are a long time client of ArrowCan and are familiar with the company’s broad range of interests and knowledge about specialists they turn to us. BY CHANCE and because our approach is to meet and build lasting friendships with the best in EVERY field in Canada we happen to know just the expert they need and make the introduction that results in them saving time, money and potential failure of their product. The problem is solved and ArrowCan has another satisfied long term client. The connection of orthogonal interests and technologies to solve real problems through the careful listening of BOTH the experts and the clients is a source of great pride and uniqueness for ArrowCan.

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